The OLIMPUS brand, the anagram, summarizes the company's activity. OLIMPUS with the aim of creating a new transport system for third parties,
DAAS - DRONE AS A SERVICE, safe, affordable, green, and easy to use for both companies and individuals. OLIMPUS is for everyone - B2B, B2C, C2C

Who we are

OLIMPUS is a young company with a great vocation for innovation that wants to launch its new air transport system for pick-up and delivery services on the market using customized drones for the purpose. OLIMPUS has all the characteristics to become the standard of service in the sector.


OLIMPUS owns a suite of patents covering the system and method used to perform the service. These solutions guarantee the safety and cost-effectiveness of the entire system, in particular:
- 2FA verification system of the positioning, in flight, of the drone during the mission
- Recognition system on the actual recipient of the service
- Automatic control system of the weights transported
- Anti-drag system against the theft of the drone and the goods transported by it
- VSV, Virtual Segregated Volume, is the new system to guarantee a safe and exclusive area to perform the collection and delivery phases. Each place that meets the security needs of the algorithm developed by OLIMPUS can be used to run the service. No more fixed-ground locations that cost
- VERTIPORT system, automated parking for drones to better organize the parking of drones and all the various maintenance and battery charging operations. 


The infrastructure that oversees the system is extraordinarily complex and sophisticated and requires in-depth technological, and regulatory knowledge and significant investments. This extreme complexity corresponds to an easy-to-use system for the end user who with a simple app from his smartphone can request and obtain any transport service with the following characteristics, 9kg of weight and 40 x 40 x 40 cm of volume in a radius of action up to 20 km from the VERTIPORT. OLIMPUS intends to adopt a pay x-use system without contractual constraints. Users will be free to interact and request services h/24 and 365/365gg. A safe, resilient, flexible, and environmentally friendly system that will take thousands of vehicles off the roads.


OLIMPUS sets itself challenging and exciting goals. Building a new infrastructure for logistics and the transport of goods and things for third parties as an alternative to road transport is truly challenging. Many variables affect the service that OLIMPUS wants to implement and make commonly used. OLIMPUS together with a multinational consortium composed of UNI-TA' Malta - Aerospace Division, AIRHUB, DRONEBASE, ITALMECCANICA, is preparing to organize a test environment of colossal dimensions. At Forlì airport, in a safe and segregated environment, over about 90 days, on an area of almost 600,000 square meters, over 30,000 cargo collection and delivery missions will be carried out and a team of about fifty technicians will be involved. In support of the OLIMPUS test, it will also be able to count on the collaboration of ENAC, VODAFONE, ENAV / D-FLIGHT, UNIBO, and POLITO. An automated VERTIPORT will be set up in the area from where 12 drones will depart to carry out their respective missions to the 18 positions that will simulate an urban environment.
The test environment will allow the creation of a POC, Proof of concept, with characteristics very close or similar to those that would be during the execution of the normal service to the user. The POC to demonstrate the TECHNOLOGICAL feasibility, the ECONOMIC sustainability, and the ACCEPTANCE by the users regarding a system that will surely impact daily life.